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Understanding eBay’s Online Fee Illustrator

If you’re thinking about selling on eBay, you essentially have two ways to go: You can list items individually in the auction or Buy It Now format, or you can choose to open and manage a eBay Store of your own. What’s vital to your success when choosing between the two options is is knowing which eBay Stores subscription (Basic, Premium, or Anchor) is most appropriate in order to maximize your profit potential, or what sort of fees you’ll be charged if you choose to list your items outside of the Stores format.

eBay’s Fee Illustrator is a simple online tool designed to help you determine which of the many eBay Stores formats will effectively maximize your overall profit. Begin by selecting your primary sales category in the upper left box. If you’re not certain which category you belong in, click the blue “C­­ategory details” text for additional information on each category.

Once you’ve determined your primary category, move down to the second box on the left where you’ll find columns for Auction items and Fixed Price items. Enter the average of each into the spaces provided. For example, if you sell 15 jackets at auction per month and one at a fixed price per month, you would enter “15” in the first space and “1” in the space to its right.

Moving down the page, fill in each of the section requirements:

  • How Many Listings Do You Create Monthly?
  • How Many Items Do You Sell Monthly?
  • What Is Your Average Selling Price?
  • What Is Your Average Shipping Cost?
  • How Many Pictures Do You Typically Add Per Listing?

Hint: It helps to gather this information in advance so you won’t have to navigate away from the page.

If you are a “Top-Rated Seller,” change the Discount tab to reflect your 20 percent discount. Otherwise, leave it as is with the “No Discount” choice showing in the lowest left-column entry.

Next, click the blue “Calculate” tab.

The Fee Illustrator will display all of the options available to you based on the information you’ve provided in the large box on your right, and will place a box around the selection it deems most cost-effective for you.

eBay’s online Fee Illustrator can show you how you can save you hundreds of dollars in fees in just minutes. Wouldn’t you be wise to put it to the test before you make even one more online sale?


Kay Russon

Customer Service Rep