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How To Prepare Your Business For Cyber Monday [Infographic]

Unless you’re an online retailer or a North Pole elf, this first week of October isn’t anywhere close to being the start of the holiday season. Nor does it signal ‘now’s the time to start preparing for Cyber Monday.’

But the fact is, if you’re reading this blog entry, you are more than likely a drop-ship retailer, and as such, we here at Doba have decided to give you an early holiday gift in the form of our 2013 Cyber Monday infographic. You’re very welcome.

We compiled this well-designed and well-documented single sheet of information with data gathered from the likes of the National Retail Federation, comScore, Internet Retailer,, Adobe and others.

When perused carefully, our Cyber Monday infographic should provide you with a bundle of facts and figures that we can pretty much guarantee will make your busiest time of the year less painful and more profitable.

The infographic starts off with the three most important holiday shopping days for 2013 — Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday — preceded by the five biggest shopping dates last year, excluding Black Friday — a day in which 41.3 percent of U.S. adults shopped online last year. We suggest you input those dates immediately into your smartphone and onto your desk calendar for reference. This is stuff you need to know!

Our Cyber Monday infographic goes on to give you a percentage breakdown of what shoppers are buying online; when they’ll begin shopping (four out of 10 before Halloween); and how online retailers are preparing for this holiday season (38 percent will offer free shipping).

So there you have it. Print this out, blow it up big, and think of it as your Cyber Monday bible for the next couple of months. And again, you’re welcome.

Happy selling!

Note: Click to zoom in to the full-sized image.