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7 Tips for Optimizing Your eBay Listings for Mobile

Editor’s Note: The following blog entry is authored by Ryan Melcher, Director of Product Management, eBay Mobile. Ryan has been working on the Web since 1993, and as the head of the mobile product unit at eBay, he has overseen tremendous advances and growth in what promises to be on of the fastest growing segments of the online retail space.

7 Tips for Optimizing Your eBay Listings for Mobile
By Ryan Melcher, Director of Product Management — eBay Mobile

Nearly three-quarters of all eBay sellers responding to a recent survey said they believed it was important for shoppers to have the

ability to browse and buy items on eBay using their mobile devices. To accommodate your customers, here are 7 tips that will keep that process simple and successful via a small screen.

  1. Use descriptive titles: When shoppers are looking through what may be hundreds of items on eBay, your items need to stand out. Make sure your title focuses on what the item is. Avoid all caps or symbols and don’t use words that shoppers don’t search for, like “Wow” or “L@@K.”
  2. Use great photos: Your best bet is to follow eBay’s guidelines for picture quality and uploading. Keep the picture square in shape so eBay can ensure it fits within any mobile device’s screen. It doesn’t hurt at all to place the items on a white background to make them more visible and to look professional on small screens.
  3. Keep your item descriptions to a minimum: Shoppers are going to be reading about your item on a relatively small screen, so keep your description brief and to the point.
  4. Respond to questions quickly: Mobile shoppers on ebay may be comparing prices while they are actually in a store or they might urgently need an item, so don’t keep them waiting. If they have a question, answer it as soon as possible.
  5. Use “Buy It Now” with your auction listings: Many mobile shoppers are looking to buy an item while shopping. Listing your item in a Buy It Now format (either as a fixed-price item or as an auction item with a Buy It Now option) will attract these shoppers to your items.
  6. Product Details: Use Product Details when available to help fill out your listing information and for added search visibility.
  7. Accept PayPal: When you make PayPal available, your buyers can pay/checkout from their mobile device immediately.

If there’s one common thread running through these tips for optimizing your eBay listings for mobile shoppers, it’s that mobile shoppers are somewhat spontaneous and are ready to buy now. They’re not interested in wasting time, sifting through unintelligible listings, or waiting around for you to get back to them.