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The Role of Content in Online Retail SEO

I often tell new retailers that there’s a four-pronged equation to successful online retailing:

  1. Product: Without a product, you’ve got nothing to sell.
  2. Place: This one’s fairly obvious — you’re going to need a place to sell your wares.
  3. Price: Your prices have to be competitive — and if they’re high, you need to be able to justify why they’re that way.
  4. Promotion: Whether it’s through advertising, public relations, personal selling or sales promotion, you have to get the word out.

If your business is lacking in any of these areas, chances are, it will fail. At Doba, we focus on providing you with information about — and access to —products to sell, and in today’s post, I will more closely examine some of the latest thinking when it comes to optimizing your website for search (aka SEO), which speaks directly to the promotion side of the equation.

Chitika Insights estimates that roughly 35 percent of those searching for a specific item will click on the No. 1 search result for that search term. Thus, it’s important to rank highly in search engines. The question is how? Although I could write thousands of pages on the subject of SEO, today I’m choosing to focus on the core foundation of the subject: quality content.

Content is just about anything you deem necessary to slap on your website. In the context of online retail, most of that content is going to be product related. That could be a product description, a how-to guide, illustrations and diagrams, photos or a video. And while Doba provides you with the manufacturer’s description and picture for products, it’s well worth the effort to write up your own original product descriptions. That’s because Google penalizes pages with a large amount of duplicate content that can be found on other sites. Furthermore, when you have unique and memorable content, people are more likely to take notice of your expertise and reward you with their business.

You can find excellent examples of retail sites with unique content all over the Internet, and one that really stands out to me is . By using rich pictures, video and handcrafted product descriptions, Of a Kind not only adds significant value to the products they offer, they also reap substantial SEO benefits, helping them to rank highly for terms that drive significant traffic to their site. The bottom line is that by adding a little creativity to your site’s content you can attract higher rankings and more views.

Greg Vandagriff

Email Marketing Manager